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Gold Horizon Vanguard (Kyle Klein USDGC 2023)


På lager: 19
Vennligst velg

Discmania Vanguard Gold Horizon Vanguard - Kyle Klein USDGC 2023

We are proud to present Kyle Klein's very first Creator Series release: The Vanguard!

Vanguard is the fourth disc created in the Creator Series family. We have created another masterpiece in collaboration with Kyle based on details he wanted to achieve. A Vanguard is smooth, reliable and maneuverable.

The Vanguard showcases a new level of reliability in our fairway lineup. The blunt rim will feel similar to an FD1 or FD3 but has slightly smoother margins on the edges and rim of the rail, making it more comfortable in the hand. A Vanguard designed to be thrown with power and relied upon when you need it most. A more powerful cast can carry forward on a rope and finish with moderate fade and steeper cast angles can execute a hyzer line or anhyzer that returns reliably with ease.

By purchasing this Creator Series version, you are supporting Kyle Klein directly on tour!


Discmania S-line plastic

Excellent grip in all weather conditions with great durability. This plastic ages well, meaning that the discs do not change drastically in their flight behavior after a couple of collisions with trees.


Discmania eies og drives av Discmania i Finland. De produserer tre forskjellige plastikktyper, Originals, Evolution og Active. Discmania Originals produseres av Discmania i deres fabrikk i Sverige. Discmania Evolution er produsert av Latitude64 i Sverige. Discmania Active er produsert av Yikun Discs i Kina. Platene er designet av Discmania-grunnleggeren Jussi Meresmaa. Discmania utstyrer alle typer spillere med diskene de trenger for discgolf. Mange av verdens beste spillere bruker blant annet Discmania golfdisker, Simon Lizotte og Eagle McMahon for å nevne et par. I tillegg til discer, finner du klær av høyeste kvalitet.