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Chrome Line Apollo - Moonlanding Stamp

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The Apollo is a straight-flying mid-range disc with outstanding glide. It fits extremely well in your hand and feels great to throw. Its a reliable disc which will hold any line you put on it and it has a consistent fade at the end of the flight.

The Apollo will suit all players, from beginners to professionals. Its reliable flight, consistent fade and world-class durability is something every disc-golfer is looking for in their bag.


Chrome Line Plastic
The Chrome Line is our second line of premium plastic and unlike our other line, it is made of opaque material, which makes it very visible in the fairways. Its also softer than the Crystal Line and will be the perfect fit for all of you who wants a softer Apollo!

Alfa Discs

Alfa Discs er en norsk produsent av både discer og sekker. Deres første disc var Apollo som kom i september 2021.

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