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Big Z Raptor


På lager: 7
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A newer disc to the Discraft lineup, the Raptor has some nice excitement surrounding its release. It seems a lot of the top Discraft pros are bagging this as their overstable fairway/distance Driver. With a speed of 9, the Raptor, in our opinion, falls in between the true fairway driver slot and the maximum distance driver role. With a very nice feel in the hand, the Big Z Raptor is sure to make many a player comfortable on the tee pad. The flight is overstable but not near the far end of that spectrum. 


We were captivated by the flying disc craze of the 1970's. To interact with a spinning disc and watch it fly is truly a beautiful thing. Our frustration at the time was over the quality of the discs that were available; flight patterns were inconsistent, distance potential was low, and the quality in general was poor. Those discs were manufactured to be toys, and we wanted high performance sports equipment to keep up with the increasing skills of the players. In 1978 we launched Discraft to serve disc sports athletes. 

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